1. Chia Seeds are high in fibre and great for digestion, they are a superfood being high in Omega 3, high in antioxidants and protein with 8 essential amino acids, high in calcium (5 times more than milk) iron, potassium vitamin C & is effective in balancing blood sugar levels!

    Banana-Chia Pancakes

    Ingredients: (1 serve)
    1 tbsp of chia seeds
    approx 1/2 cup filtered water
    1 ripe banana
    pinch of cinnamon 
    2 teaspoons of stevia or sweetener of choice (I used Natvia) 
    2 tsp coconut oil 

    1. In a bowl, mix chia seeds and water and stir, allow approx 5 minutes to set, you will know it is ready when it forms a gel like consistancy. 
    2. Add banana to the chia, mash the banana using a fork.
    3. Add cinnamon and sweetener & mix well
    4. Heat 1 tsp of coconut oil on a small pan, add 1/2 of the banana-chia mixture and flatten using a spatular.
    5. On medium heat, cook untill slightly brown & flip as you would regular pancakes, repeat with the remaining mixture.
    6. Serve with fresh fruit and chopped nuts (I used banana, blueberry and walnuts)  

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